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Vision Statement


Wherever you are on your faith journey, there is a place for you at the table here at Trinity.

Diverse Congregation

Our members come from all walks of life, representing a mixture of races, ages, opinions, and orientations.

Mission Statement

Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship God, welcome the seeker, sustain the faithful, and serve those in need.


Trinity's worship in the Anglo-Catholic tradition involves the senses as well as the intellect. The beauty of vestments, the smell of incense, and the sounds of bells and chant all bring us closer to God.  

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in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri 

  • We have a CHILDREN'S SERVICE every 2nd Sunday (except July and August) at 9:00 a.m. in the North Parish Hall.
  • Join us for COMPLINE each 3rd Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Bring a friend!
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Service Times

Holy Eucharist

  Sunday 8:00 and 10:30 am
  Wed. 12:10 p.m.
  Thursday 6:30 am
Morning Prayer
Mon., Tues., Wed., & Fri. 7:30 a.m.
Children's Service 2nd Sundays 9 am
         (except July and August)
Compline 3rd Sundays 7 pm

Upcoming Events

Summer Small Groups at Trinity
Information is available here for groups meeting June - August.

Vestry Meeting
Thursday, August 13, at 6:30 p.m.

Lenten Offerings

Tuesday Night
Eucharistic Dinners
6:30 p.m. in South Parish Hall beginning February 24

Sunday Adult
Forums in Lent
9:20 a.m.
(except March 8)

Lenten Quiet Day
Saturday, March 28
10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Click here for full information on all of these offerings.

Current News

Watch this space for time-sensitive parish news, schedule changes, cancelations, etc.

Parish Clergy

The Rev. Jon Stratton

The Rev. Beverly Van Horne

The Rev. Harry Leip

Vision Statement


Mission Statement

Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship Godwelcome the seekersustain the faithful, and serve those in need.

Trinity invites all to participate fully in the worship of God. At Trinity, no one is an outsider. Jesus himself invites us to the holy meal.  All are welcome to share the bread and wine of Holy Communion, for it is God who calls us to the altar.

Trinity is known for its innovative liturgy. We have embraced the best of ancient and modern worship styles, partnering chanted psalms from New Zealand with the Anglican chants of the medieval church, a contemporary confession rite with traditional liturgical responses.  Our choir’s weekly anthems range from medieval to modern.  We are mindful that worship should be reverent, holy, beautiful, and – above all – meaningful.

Trinity worships in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. This means that we value ceremony and ritual such as processions, chanting, kneeling and sung prayer. Colorful vestments, the smell of incense, the flow of chant, the chime of a bell, and the hush of silence help to bring us closer to that which is holy.
Children participate in our worship at Trinity. Kids spread good cheer during the Passing of the Peace, and help with the collection of the offering. A special Children's Sermon every week teaches them about the love of Christ and the importance of faith. Children are not the “church of the future, they are the church of NOW.

Our worship is a study in contrasts. The Sunday Eucharist at 8:00 is a spoken service (no hymns), quiet and uplifting.  Our “High Church” liturgy at the 10:30 service is celebrated with a sense of cheerfulness, courage and good humor.  We experiment with new ways of updating the ancient Creed and traditional Anglican liturgy to account for inclusive language (and if it’s not inclusive enough for you, feel free to change it). In a nutshell: we’re traditional, but not frozen in time!

The services at Trinity change according to the progression of the church year. The anticipation of Advent prepares us for the joy of Christmas, while the deep solemnity of Lent is relieved by the exuberance of Easter. Our Pentecost service celebrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit is marked by parishioners reading Bible verses in up to a dozen different languages, from French and Latin to Mandarin, Hausa and Icelandic.  To mark the Feast of All Saints, we create a Day of the Dead altar in honor of our loved ones who have died.

Trinity Episcopal Church in the Central West End is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, and the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.  The worldwide Anglican Communion links all those churches which have roots in the Church of England.  The Episcopal Church is distinguished by its connection to both Protestant and Catholic traditions, the use of a Book of Common Prayer, and reliance on scripture, tradition, and reason in interpreting God's Word.

At Trinity, everyone is recognized as a seeker on a journey.  From the oldest member of Trinity to the newest arrival, we recognize that each of us is a “work in progress” in search of answers.  We seek justice and truth, and we are building a spiritual community where faith, love and charity abide.
Trinity practices radical inclusion.  Diversity is our hallmark in the St. Louis metro area as we value differences of person, thought and faith journey.  Trinity is a proud member of the national Oasis ministry.  Oasis advocates for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in all aspects of church life.

We welcome the stranger - the stranger the better!  Trinity is a daring progressive community which welcomes people who walk through our doors – persons who may not feel comfortable in other churches.  During any given service, you will see life-long Episcopalians and first-time visitors worshipping together, each in his or her own way.   We welcome everyone - uncommitted, unchurched or unconvinced!  We find strength and sacredness through varied approaches to worship and belief. 
Our welcoming extends through all facets of community life, both formal and informal.  When you walk through the front doors, you are greeted by our ushers.  A sign of peace is exchanged during the service, and all are welcomed to God’s table. After the service, everyone is greeted during the coffee hour by a flock of Trinitarians. 

Trinity has educational programs for old and young alike which challenge the intellect, spirit and emotion. We’ve had various topics such as:  healing ministry, end-of-life planning, advent crafts, history of the Nicene Creed and monastic life, just to name a few. Because of the Anglican three-legged stool of scripture, tradition and reason, we do not check our minds at the door - instead we ask, seek and find.

Trinity Episcopal Church is proudly quirky, energetic and non-conformist.  Our community is remarkably broad and diverse, yet our commitment to one another is unparalleled.  The sharing of the peace each Sunday is a noisy, rowdy exercise.  Those who find strength in diversity will find no better church home than Trinity. 

Trinitarians value education.  We enjoy the scholarship, courage and depth of our Sunday sermons.  Our Education Committee presents numerous Sunday Noon Forums addressing theology, social issues, and world events.  We pride ourselves on our ability to offer new perspectives and ideas.
Our celebration of the Eucharist each week is a treat for all the senses.  Strong and innovative liturgy; an accomplished choir, organist, choir director and excellent guest musicians; and traditional worship elements such as incense and bells, all nourish our spirits.

We offer healing prayers each Sunday morning during the 10:30 service.  Trinity offers a healing service on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm.  We celebrate the Feast of St. Luke in October, bringing the healing ministry to the entire congregation.  Parishioners also take the sacraments to our home-bound members.

Trinity nurtures its children.  We’re committed to their religious education and spiritual development, through Sunday school, weekly children's sermons and their participation in worship.  Many of the adults take special care with the kids; children grow up at Trinity knowing that there is a strong community of adults who love them and care for them.

Our lives as Christians are sustained and challenged by the stewardship of all our resources. We support the parish with our financial pledges and the gift of our time.  We also understand that the world community needs a commitment to environmental integrity to preserve God’s creation.
Trinity is a fun place to be.  We pride ourselves on a fine-tuned balance of reverence and irreverence.  Our collective memories are sprinkled with many moments when a service was brought to a halt with laughter--we call those "Trinity moments."  Our parish life is even more joyous.  Special events feature good music, better food, and laughter - always laughter.

Trinity Episcopal Church has history.  Trinity has been committed to the City of St. Louis and to urban ministry for over 150 years.  Our parish continues to advocate for progressive social change, work for the good of our neighborhood, and challenge the Episcopal Church to live up to the radical gospel of Christ.

Responding to the challenges of the Gospel and following the example of Jesus’ ministry, Trinity is committed to alleviating discrimination, inequality, hunger and other forms of injustice in the Central West End and in the broader community.

Trinity feeds the hungry through the Trinity Food Ministry.  The food pantry is open three afternoons a week and provides groceries for hundreds of people in our neighborhood every month.  The hot lunch program is an ecumenical ministry in the Central West End with volunteers from area congregations and other Episcopal parishes serving a hot lunch each Sunday afternoon to dozens of homeless and hungry persons.  The Trinity Food Ministry was recognized as a Jubilee Ministry by the National Church.
We support the needs of our local children. The parishioners at Trinity have adopted a first grade class at Hamilton School.  We donate backpacks full of school supplies in the fall, and winter clothing during the cold months.

Our building is a meeting-place. We support the community by providing meeting space for a wide variety of local groups including: AA, League of Women Voters, St. Louis Effort for AIDS, Dignity and several of gay and lesbian support groups. Trinity ministers to and supports parishioners with particular needs – casseroles to new parents, rides to church for others.   The Sacrament of Holy Communion is taken to our homebound members each week.  During Sunday worship, members of the healing ministry team offer anointing and laying on of hands for those seeking healing prayers for themselves or others.  And at all times we lift each other up in prayer.

Trinity believes in the city. We believe that it’s important for the church to witness to the Gospel of Christ, not flinching from its challenges and demands.  We participate in Habitat for Humanity building projects each year.  Trinity is a member of the Holy Ground Collaborative, a network of Central West End congregations committed to neighborhood outreach ministry and working for peace, stability, and community improvement.


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